unlimited 30-day class passes

30 days of unlimited yoga at Whole Life Yoga for just $108!

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Common Questions About the 30-Day Unlimited Class Passes

Is this promotion only for new students, or can existing students take advantage of the offer?
This offer is open to both new and existing students. In fact, we hope our existing students find great benefit from it!

When does the 30-day expiration date begin?
Unlimited passes expire 30 days from the date of purchase. For example, if you purchase your pass on October 1, it will be good through October 30, We recommend purchasing the pass on the first day you plan on using it.

I only take one or two classes a week. What other options are available for me?
The monthly unlimited passes are a great deal if you plan on taking more than 2 classes each week, however they are not our only discounted class packages. All of our normal class passes are still available. If you take 2 or fewer classes each week, our 3-month passes for 5, 10, or 20 classes are more appropriate options.

I'd love to buy the unlimited pass, but I already have another pass (5, 10, or 20 class pass) that will expire soon. Can that pass expiration date be extended?
Yes! When you buy one of the unlimited class passes, we will extend the expiration date of your current pass for 30 days. Just let us know at the time of purchase, and the instructor or Tracy will change the expiration date.

How can I purchase the unlimited pass?
Purchases can be made online (see above) or in-person at the studio before any scheduled class. If you purchase online, please print out your receipt and take it to the studio as proof of purchase.

I have a coupon. Can I use it with the unlimited pass?
Yes! If you have a coupon from Whole Life Yoga or the Chinook Book, you can use it for the unlimited pass. Please bring the coupon with you to the studio. E-mail Tracy (tracy@wholelifeyoga.com) for instructions on how to use a coupon with online registration.

I've heard that you're pretty liberal about extending expiration dates on the 3-month limited passes. Will you be equally liberal with the 30-day unlimited passes?

I'm sorry, but no. Unlimited class passes will not be extended for anything other than injury or significant medical illness lasting more than 7 days. Plan carefully when you make this purchase. Instructors are not allowed to make exceptions.

Are unlimited passes refundable?
Like our other passes, all sales are final. Passes cannot be refunded.

Can I share my pass?
Unlimited passes are not transferable or shareable. However you can buy an unlimited pass and give it as a gift. Please remember that the pass expires 30 days from the date of purchase.

I'm planning to take a vacation. Can my pass be put on hold while I'm gone?
Passes cannot be put on hold for anything other than injury or significant medical illness lasting more than 7 days. Instructors are not allowed to make exceptions.

Can I use the unlimited pass in series classes?
No. The unlimited pass is valid only for our drop-in classes, including "Yoga Over 50", Prenatal Yoga, and "Mom and Baby". Our complete drop-in schedule is here.

I'm currently taking a series. Can I get a delayed expiration on my unlimited pass because of that?
No. Unlimited passes always expire 30 days from the date of purchase.

My question wasn't answered. How can I get more information?
Contact Tracy at 206-784-2882 or tracy@wholelifeyoga.com